Sonja Macys for Routt County Commissioner

“The Commissioner position combines my passion for public policy with my commitment to making a positive difference in our community. I am energized and motivated to continue my career of public service in this important role.”


As your Routt County Commissioner, Sonja will:

  • Collaborate with municipalities to support our local workforce with appropriate and affordable housing, transportation, and childcare.
  • Seize innovative opportunities to improve our infrastructure such as repurposing the railway, developing regional transportation solutions, and continuing to work towards broadband for all reaches of Routt County.
  • Advance priorities identified in the Routt County Master Plan: preserving open lands and protecting water resources; maintaining agriculture and community character; and investing in jobs and economic opportunity.
  • Grow our community intentionally, directing density to where it is most appropriate and best supported by existing infrastructure.
  • Advocate for climate action and work to combat its most visible effects in Routt County, wildfire and drought.

“As a public servant, my record is my record. Constituents know that I am willing to listen to them, learn, and grow. They can see that I have delivered on my commitments. I look forward to hearing from folks on my April listening tour.”