Supporting our Local Workforce

Routt County is an expensive place to live, and our local workforce is feeling the pinch. As your County Commissioner, I will collaborate with municipalities to support our local workforce, helping ensure that every Routt County resident has appropriate and affordable housing, transportation, and equal access to quality healthcare, childcare, and broadband.

If our local workforce wants to commute, I want them to commute. But not everyone wants that option. County Commissioners can help municipalities by providing equal access to services so residents could live and work in their communities if they chose, rather than losing countless hours on the road. 

If you want to be on the road, for a better opportunity for yourself or your children, we need better commuter options for you! A Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) would help us provide these options (see Developing Regional Transportation Solutions).

Equal access is something I’ve worked hard for. I’ve brought it to Routt County by helping every child at the K-5 level have equal access to environmental education. I’ve brought it to Routt County by successfully lobbying the Steamboat Springs Education Fund Board to expand the use of its ½ cent sales tax for education to ALL public schools in Routt County. And I’ve brought it to Routt County by developing the Yampa Valley’s first Environmental Learning Center at the City-owned Legacy Ranch, a strong example of a public-private partnership that benefits all resident of Routt County, and brings us statewide attention for our commitment to historic preservation. 

As your County Commissioner I’ll bring this same focus on equal access for ALL Routt County residents to housing, childcare, health care and broadband.